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A blog dedicated to all the things my friend Ryan says.

Ryan is between 5' and 5'1" (so she's legally not a midget). We have nicknamed her Megaphone because she's really loud.

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Kamei andBeck

Wait…Syria isn’t part of Egypt right?

this summer has been really busy with summer school and work. i honestly have only seen ryan maybe three times. but rest assured, more ryan-themed hilarity will be coming soon!

Ryan in the cafeteria.

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*looking at a picture of snoop dogg*
Sebastian: Oh look, it’s snoop dogg.
Ryan: No it’s not. Didn’t he change his name to snoop tiger?

This doesn’t taste like dope it tastes like shit.

Ryan: He’s just being a dirty sanchez.
Me: Ryan, what’s a dirty sanchez?
Ryan: Ummm…a Sanchez that’s dirty *winks*


Person: Idk. Black penises kind of scare me.
Ryan: Well I’m not scared of them. If anything I’m scared if they’re any smaller.

Now that megaphone is 21 I think I should start a new blog called “Drunk Texts From Ryan.”

drunk texts from Ryan.

drunk texts from Ryan.